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Time Every other Saturday 13:40-16:00
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About Us


Rhine Academic Forum is a non-profit organization, providing a platform of communication for all Chinese in Germany, on the basis of academic discussion and work-experience exchange.

Aim: To promote the communication and cooperation between Chinese and German with different cultural and academic backgrounds.

Participants: All scholars and others working in all fields are invited.

Activities: There are regular seminars, comprising the lectures on current topics in the academic studies and industries, as well as free discussion afterwards. Moreover, there will also be periodically field trips and organized site visits to institutions, factories and cultural venues.

When: Every other Saturday afternoon from 13:40 to 16:00. See our Homepage for the latest information.

Where: Seminars are usually held in Bonn . Excursions are to be announced.

Contact us:
(0049) 0152 04848944 (7-11pm or weekends) wanghc@rhineforum.org
(0049) 0176 80068706

Website error report: webadmin@rhineforum.org
Donation: genghong@rhineforum.org

Current Location: Juridcum Hoersaal H 53113,Bonn
Take line 66/16/63 U Bahn to Juridicum. Exit the station,  to the west of the road is the Juridicum building. Or search for the best route online at the homepage of Deutsche Bahn. Enter destination as: Juridicum, 53113, Bonn

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Committee of Rhine Academic Forum (Alphabetic order):
Dr.DENG,Zhixin: PHD in Institute of Horticulture, Uni-Bonn
GENG,Hong: PHD student of Economics, Uni-Bonn
GU,Chen: Master student of Theater, Film and TV, Uni-Cologne
WANG,Hanchun: PHD student of Electrochemistry, Uni-Bonn
WANG,Yan: PHD student of Mechanics,GRS

Members of Rhine Academic Forum (Alphabetic order):
LENG,Yan, Dr.LI,Jiadao, LIN,Xuan, LIU, Mei, LIU, Zhigang, SHI,Jing, Dr.SUN,Yuli, WANG,Hang, WANG,Xuejun,WANG,Yuan, XING,Fuzhong, YANG,Jiayi, YU,Chunfeng, ZHENG,Jiarong




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